How to buy a Tamenuri Studio pen?

My pens usually sell “hot”, often before they are finished. Best way to get one is to follow my Instagram and write me there (Instagram direct message). Sometimes a batch of pens will be available and I will show them here.

I do not take commissions (work on customers pens), nor make pens to order, with rare exceptions (regular customer, interesting project).

Available pens (drop me an email if you are interested in any of them). Description below the photo.

From the left. Price + shipping if outside EU. Standard nib is polished steel, for some – satine steel. Gold plated, rose gold plated available too. For titanium, gold, palladioum etc – contact me.
  • SOLD “Emperor” size flat top, gold (24k) seirei-nuri on dark red, #8 Bock nib section. SOLD
  • Part of #se7en sins series. Wrath. Red ishime kanshitsu, #6 nib (Bock) in satine finish. 590€
  • SOLD Cool tone silver on black seirei-nuri SOLD 
  • Warm tone silver on black seirei-nuri 590
  • Scarlet gold.  24k gold powder swirls in vermilion. 600€
  • SOLD  Tribute do Leonardo da Vinci – Machines. This pen has i problem i did not noticed initially (I can explain why) – the cap is slightly thinner than it should be – actually thinner than barrel. 0,7mm. It does not interfere with writing, but is visually imperfect, so available as “prototype” SOLD