Tamenuri Studio FAQ

How to buy?

I do not have and do not plan to have a typical online shop. Most of my pens are made in single pieces, so it makes little sense. New pens I show on Instagram and at the same moment. add them here. If you can’t find a pen here, or it is marked as SOLD (blue badge) – it is sold. Otherwise – fill the form (make sure tu put correct e-mail address) and I’ll get back to you. Or contact me on Instagram (DM) or Facebook (Messenger) or email.

Can I order (commission) a fountain pen?

No. I do not accept commissions. I prefer to work on my own projects, without any “direction” or deadlines. Sorry, not sorry.

What nibs do you use?

My pens take either Bock 250 nib – so called or  Jowo #6, and some have two sections – one for Jowo and one for Bock in same design. Bigger pens are made for #8 Bock nib (380), or Jowo #8. Nib type and standard nib that comes with the pen is mentioned in each pen description (table below the photos)

Nibs available are: polished steel (and this is standard unless otherwise stated), satine steel, gold plated, rosegold plated, 14k gold, 18k gold, titanium, platinum, but availability depends on system used (Jowo/Bock)

#8 nibs come with ebonite feed as standard

Nibs other than standard #6 or 14k gold #6 nibs will add up to 2-3 weeks to shipping time. Customised nibs can add a little more. I stock a lot of nibs, but can’t have all of them, and sometimes a few order in short time include one specific tip size, so it might affect instant availability of nib you want.

I do not sell nibs separately. I’m a small maker, so I buy my nibs retail, not whole from nib manufacturer. I have no markup on the nibs whatsoever.

Payment and shipping?

I do accept PayPal, but also direct bank transfer in numerous currencies (thanks to Wise). I do accept credit cards through PayPal system too.

I do not accept reservation unless it is fully paid.

Shipping – DHL Express only. Shipping fees are pretty high now, and range from €25 to €50 depending on area. I will cover the shipping cost in case you buy more pens shipped together.

I try to ship promptly, but considering small scale of my “operations” I tend to prepare parcels in small batches, so accumulate them over a week to 10 days. So expect 1-2 weeks delivery time, if no upgrade or custom nibs are in your order.

I ship worldwide, unless you live in North Korea (and somehow manage to see this) or some other “difficult” destinations. My pens are already in over 60 countries from Philippines, to New Zealand and Australia, Honk Kong, India, most of EU countries to US and Canada. The only continent not represented is Antarctica.

Whats included with the pen?

Pens come with certificate, urushi care guide,  Schmidt K5 converter, single pen Japanese silk pen Kimono and a box. I use wooden boxes, and they are mostly for protection in transport, no really for exposition, so expect 2 or 3 pens in same box if you buy more – this makes much more sense in terms of shipping costs. In some cases some other items are added (usually announced on instagram).