I’m Michal and I’m a fountain pen addict and I lacquer pens with urushi lacquer. On this website, on Instagram, on Facebook and my Tamenuri Studio Youtube channel, you fill find tutorials, videos from my urushi workshop, presentation of techniques, tools and materials used in urushi craft.

I am also showing pens lacquered by me and other artists. I review pens but mostly urushi and I focus on this aspect of pen, not usual build, nibs and writing performance.
I am self-taught in this craft, most I know I learned from my own experience, trial and error. A lot of them. But also from Japanese books, and videos on urushi, and from fellow urushi artists.

I do not take commissions (work on customers pens), nor make pens to order, with rare exceptions (regular customer, interesting project).

Please talk to me on social media:  Instagram,  Facebook ,  Youtube or send me an e-mail: michal @ tamenuri.com

My Inks Collection  on FountainPenCompanion