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June 3, 2020

Montblanc 149 reviewed, compared and prepared for lacquer

One of pens with cult status among many pen lovers is Montblanc Meisterstück 149. Wanted by many, loved by huge crowds, and hated by some too. I will not discuss…
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May 23, 2020

My pens finished in April and May 2020

Short review of my current inventory of urushi fountain pens I finished in last weeks. Since shooting this video there are some more, so I will make such "showreel" from…
May 14, 2020

How to mix urushi with pigments?

Urushi is brown, amber, sometimes yellow. Black (kuro) is made by adding iron compounds. All other colours - by adding pigments (not dyes). When adding pigments mixing and filtering is…
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May 13, 2020

Disassembling fountain pens

Lacquering bespoke or penmaker pens is easy - I get pen disassembled or easy to disassemble. Often no trim to mask, easy. But most "series" pens are not so obvious.…