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With this Giveaway(s) I start a series of giveaways in 2024, and believe me – there will many more. But I decided to make some of them  slightly different than typical “tag a friend and like the post”. Most of them in one way or another will prioritise ACTIVE followers, not just random giveaway hunters.

Tamenuri Studio on Instagram has just crossed 14.000 followers. It happened exactly overnight from January 31 to February 1st. Recently I announced a new channel, too – the Newsletter. So through whole February there will be two Giveways active:

  1. On Instagram, 2 winners, one urushi pen for each winner- I want to reward real active followers not just randomly choose someone who takes part in a giveaway. So I decided to reward people who actively comment my posts. Rules:
    • you must be a follower
    • like the giveaway post here
    • write a comment, tagging someone who might be interested – but do not spam, with this giveaway it makes ZERO sense.
    • through whole February comments new posts on my profile. These comments are your actual entries
    • One February ends I will choose the winners. First I will randomly choose a post from February. Then I will randomly choose a comment under this post. I will discard all pseudo-comments (like emoticons or just one word without any real content). SECOND winner – I will  be watching and interacting with you thought whole month and I will just choose such person myself, based on my general view on activity.
    • So, most chances has someone who will comment every post in February and will make it in a valuable way. It does not need to be a first comment or even a direct comment – if you answer someone else’s question, take part in a discussion, – it will be a solid entry too.
    • award pens will be announced shortly and there will be a few to chose from
  2. On the Website – I will launch first edition of newsletter next week. I already have over 400 subscribers.
    • This giveaway is much simpler – just subscribe the Newsletter. The winner will be chosen on random and announced in the special personalised newsletter first – so make sure you receive it, as if I don’t get response in 48 hours I will choose another winner.
    • You have time until the end of February, and winner will be announced in early March. And again – it’s an urushi fountain pen. Which one exactly – I will announce shortly, and there will a few do be choose from.

I hope you like it and I wish you luck 😉