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From the start of Tamenuri Studio my main communication channels with you are social media – Instagram and YouTube. Both are great but the problem is – they are not mine. It’s just “renting” a space from big corporations on their terms. They can (and do) change without notice, limit the reach, force to buy advertisements even to show the posts to followers etc. And there are a lot of people who do not use Instagram – my main place to show new pens.

I was asked numerous times to “let me know about new pens, as I don’t have Instagram”. This Newsletter is an answer to these requests.

What can you expect:

  1. Selected pens shown before Instagram or website! As you know, very often my pens sell fast so getting to see them first might be an advantage 😉
  2. More “inside stories” – pens in the making, new ideas and experiments I work on, changes in the studio
  3. Access to my new offers – workshops and sessions in my studio, or online (soon)
  4. And last but not least – 10% discount for subscribers

How often can you expect new edition? I do not want to spam you, so never more than once a week, but I aim at bi-weekly newsletter.

Your e-mail will be used for this newsletter only. I will never send and advert of third party, never sell or give away your data.

In the future I plan to create additional mailings with opt-in preferences for people who want to receive every new pen I finish.