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You can work with urushi without a brush, but it limits your options a lot. Fuki urushi, maybe some more techniques. Brushes are the most important tools of nurishi, and in many cases the most expensive ones. On many Youtube videos you could see a craftsman with flat wooden brush, with short hair, operating it with confidence and speed. Some of these brushes can have stratospheric prices, exceeding 100.000yen (over 1600 USD !). But do you need such a brush when you are just starting? Obviously – you don’t.

In video (embeded below) i go through brushes I use on daily basis, from basic and very affordable, western style flat, synthetic brushes, to special brushes made of cat hair, to high quality Japanese hake made of human hair including some made by Master Tanaka.

I hope you’ll find it useful 😉

Link to Youtube video